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there are also some electric and acoustic guitar and vocal songs
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30 seconds versions

60 seconds versions

under attack

Under Attack and High Intensity were written and recorded while I was touring with a show band called Mama Coco. The audio quality is pretty bad, as it was a four track portable cassette recorder. But, I think the intentions were good.

high inensity

The Mystery Of One Two, is the first version of this song. It was recorded on a home digital recorder, with acoustic and electric guitars and some layered vocals. There is also a rewrite of this song as an instrumental. That version is simply called, One In Two.

the mystery of one in two

acoustic voices – volume 1

Acoustic Voices – Volume 1 and 2, are a collection of songs dating back to my late teens and early twenties. They are all acoustic with some layered voices. The tape deck was a Teac 4 track. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to digitizing these tracks, the only copies left were cassette. Hence, the less than stellar audio.

acoustic voices – volume 2


Preston Clifford Wynn

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