Preston Wynn


Every so often I pop up with a thought that I feel is perhaps worth visualizing.
And, more often than not, I consider myself to be a person of few words.
Ergo, below are a number of quips, short jabs, and plays on phrases.
There are more lengthy word creations accessible from the menu.
Hope you enjoy my blend of humor, sarcasm, and gravitas.

symbol things
for symbol minds

that which
defies definition
definition deifies

believe nothing
be everything

and the truth
that there is
no truth
will set you free

be careful
what you witch for

symmetry is fine
as long as
you know where
to draw the line

drives my karma

everywhere i turn
i’m around

this now moment
is brought to you
by the all that is

the truth is
beyond belief

the only thing
that stands between
you and the answer
is the question

if it could have been
it would have been

the only rule that
has no exceptions
is that every rule
has exceptions

all for fun
and fun for all


Preston Clifford Wynn

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